By William Shakespeare

His father murdered, Hamlet must decide to what lengths he is willing to go to achieve revenge. With a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s original text, this edgy Hamlet sets Denmark in world of towering steel and tailored suits. As Denmark rots, Hamlet drags his country, friends, and family towards the play’s explosive, bloody conclusion.

Produced by Texas State University
Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre — San Marcos, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Playwright William Shakespeare
  • Assistant Director Samuel Williams
  • Assistant Director Madison McAllister
  • Scenic Design Michelle Ney
  • Lighting Design Andrew McIntyre
  • Costume Design Brandon McWilliams
  • Associate Costume Design / Puppet Design Sally Rath
  • Sound Design Nick Hart
  • Prop Design Erin Kehr
  • Choreography Kiira Schmidt Carper
  • Fight Choreography  Toby Minor


  • Anthony Hinderman as Hamlet
  • Grayson Samuels as Claudius
  • Elizabeth Rees as Gertrude
  • Eugene Lee as Polonius
  • Riley Wesson as Laertes
  • Danielle Grisko as Ophelia
  • Nick Eibler as Horatio
  • Lucas Matteson as Rosincrance
  • Cambria Denim as Guildensterne
  • Jacqueline Knight as Voltemand
  • John Michael Hoke as Cornelius
  • Michael Julliard as Osricke
  • Kaycee Swierc as Reynoldo
  • Stephen Steele as Francisco
  • Michael Connally as Barnardo / Priest
  • Hanna Patterson as Marcellus / Norwegian Soldier
  • Jeremiah Porter as Player King / Ghost / Norwegian
  • Bella Coppola as Player Queen / Norwegian Soldier
  • Shane Satterfield as Lucianus / Fortinbras
  • Jackson Pounds as Player Prince / Captain 
  • Daniel Aguilar as Player Clown / Norwegian Soldier
  • Andres Regalado as Gravedigger