By Molière

When the patriarch of the family falls for a lies of a clever con man, everything is turned topsy turvy in this classic comedy of hypocrisy and religion. Will Orgon discover the truth of Tartuffe’s lies before he marries off his daughter to the same man who keeps trying to sleep with his wife and steal his fortune? One of the great satires, Tartuffe continues to be relevant with its tale of how we can all be blinded to the truth of our lives.

Produced by Southwestern University
Jones Theater — Georgetown, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Playwright Molière 
  • Translator Constance Congdon
  • Assistant Director Allison Young
  • Scenic Design Leah Korenstein
  • Lighting Design Chaz Sanders
  • Costume Design Megan Vestal
  • Sound Design Corinne Mears
  • Props Design Mallorie Tidwell


  • Brock Boudoin as Orgon
  • Emma Martinsen as Cleante
  • Audrey Barrett as Elmire
  • Stetson Gilchrest as Damis
  • Sara Czarnecki as Mariane
  • Will Swift as Valere
  • Savannah Coleman as Dorine
  • Elise Gabriel as Mme Pernelle
  • Kenedi Delgado as Flipote
  • Chase Brewer as Tartuffe
  • Max Lakavage as Laurent
  • Noah Kopit as M. Loyal
  • Brandy Giordano as Exempt
  • Brandon Baker as Ensemble / King
  • Olivia Woodward as Elmire’s Handmaid