By Dan Caffrey

30 years after the events of Lord of the Flies, the book’s characters have grown comfortably into their 40s – or so they think. After a Christmas Eve dinner goes horribly wrong, the violence from their youth threatens to overrun their families and carefully constructed lives. At turns a riff on a classic piece of literature, an extremely dark comedy and a middle-aged horror story, Sow and Suckling posits that repression only leads to further savagery.

Produced by University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Theatre and Dance, as part of UTNT (UT New Theatre)
Lab Theatre — Austin, Texas



Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Assistant Director Emily Garcia
  • Playwright Dan Caffrey
  • Dramaturg Liz Engelman
  • Scenic Design Delena Bradley
  • Lighting Design Sara Chaney & Libby Jantz
  • Costume Design Lindsey Rae
  • Sound Design Lowell Bartholomee
  • Fight Choreography  Adam Miller-Batteau
  • Intimacy Choreography  Adam Noble


  • Kareem Badr as Roger
  • Tanner Hudson as RJ
  • Susan Myburgh as Doreen
  • Cat Palacios as Poppy
  • Zac Thomas as Jack
  • Michael Williams as Ralph
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