By Lauren Gunderson

This inspiring true story, traces the life of Henrietta Leavitt, a living “computer” who charted the night skies at the Harvard Observatory during the beginning of the 20th century. While society and her bosses contend that a woman doesn’t belong behind a telescope, Henrietta proves that hard work and determination can change the world. Her discoveries rewrote the science and history books, while she navigated family obligations, romantic entanglements and life’s everyday travails. 

Produced by University of the Incarnate Word’s Department of Theatre Arts
Coates Theatre — San Antonio, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Assistant Director Tyler Lemley
  • Stage Manager Samuel Egger
  • Scenic Design Christopher McCollum
  • Lighting Design Kate Barber
  • Costume Design Margaret Mitchell
  • Wig/Hair Designer Misha Ortiz
  • Sound Design Jo Villanueva


  • Iza Jae Garza as Henrietta Leavitt
  • Hannah Watkins as Margaret Leavitt
  • Nicholas Ramirez as Peter Shaw
  • Jo Perez as Annie Cannon
  • Olivia Perry as Williamina Fleming