By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Liz Fisher


Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is a timeless tale of morality, justice, and mercy. Set in Vienna, the play follows Duke Vincentio as he hands over his power to his deputy, Angelo. Angelo, known for his strict adherence to the law, decides to crack down on Vienna’s debauchery by enforcing an old law that condemns premarital sex. The punishment? Death. But when Angelo condemns a young man named Claudio to death for impregnating his fiancé, Claudio’s sister Isabella, a nun-to-be, pleads with Angelo for mercy. As their confrontation unfolds, the play delves into questions of power, morality, and the complexity of human nature.

Measure for Measure is a thought-provoking play that explores themes of bodily autonomy, justice, morality, and power, and promises to be a captivating theatrical experience for audiences of all ages. 

Produced by The Classic Theatre
Radius Center — San Antonio, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Assistant Director Alex Urdiales
  • Stage Manager Jackie Perez
  • Dramaturg / Producer Elizabeth C. Ramírez, Ph.D.
  • Scenic Design Alfy Valdez
  • Lighting Design Pedro Ramirez
  • Costume Design Stormie Brennan
  • Video Design Mark Martinez
  • Composer / Sound Design John Coker


  • Mark McCarver as The Duke
  • Randee Nelson as Isabella
  • Michael Roberts as Angelo
  • Katrin Blucker Ludwig as Provost
  • Blake Hammon as Lucio
  • John Boyd as Pompey
  • Chelsea Bumgarner as Escalus
  • Matthew Dominguez as Elbow / Barnardine
  • Michelle Bumgarner as Mistress Overdone / Francisca
  • Guy Martin as Claudio
  • Darby Williams as Mariana
  • Troy Daly as Friar Peter / Abhorson
  • Lucero Perez as Juliet




Measure Awards

Nomination: Alamo Theatre Arts Council Globe Award for Outstanding Original Score
Nomination: Alamo Theatre Arts Council Globe Award for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama