By TJ Young

Isle of Noises serves as a prequel to William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Starting from the moment Sycorax washes on the shore of the fabled island, the play shows what happened between then and the time that Prospero is banished. After a young Caliban discovers the history of his mother’s exile, he is presented with a chance from Ariel to gain more power and strike back at those who have done his mother wrong. Ariel, having been cast out from the protection of the great fey on the island, has motivations of their own and uses the plight of Caliban and Sycorax to their own benefit. This story looks at the pain of the past, the transfer of power, and how both can drive individuals to act in heroic and tragic ways.

Produced by James Madison University’s School of Theatre and Dance
Mainstage Theatre at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts— Harrisonburg, VA



Creative Team

  • Director  Liz Fisher
  • Playwright TJ Young
  • Assistant Directors Natalie Garcia-Ruiz, Camille Pivetta, Aya Nassif
  • Stage Manager Grace Saville
  • Scenic Design Richard Finkelstein
  • Lighting Design Steven Spera
  • Costume Design Liv Jung-Moss
  • Puppet Design Jeghetto
  • Sound Design Russell Williams II
  • Choreography Ingrid De Sanctis 
  • Fight Choreography  Tobie Minor
  • Production Manager Brian Smallwood
  • Production Photographer Richard Finkelstein


  • Maddie Thomas as Sycorax
  • Liam Klopfenstein as Caliban
  • Gabby Wilson as Ariel
  • Izabelle Addison as Silius
  • Caitlin Foster as Deva
  • Sydney Miller as Acalica
  • Diana Afriye-Opoku as Ensemble
  • Kyle Coleman as Ensemble
  • Mitch Glaes as Ensemble
  • Bridget Gooley as Ensemble
  • Lillian Hall as Ensemble
  • Joshua Higgins as Ensemble
  • Elizabeth Humphreys as Ensemble
  • Caroline Lynch as Ensemble
  • Nick Moxley as Ensemble
  • Emma Noel Saville as Ensemble