By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Liz Fisher

Henry IV is dead, and Prince Hal is crowned King Henry V of England. With the nation in a state of unrest, Henry must leave his rebellious youth behind and strive to gain the respect of his nobles and citizens. Spurred by claim to parts of France and an egregious insult from the French Dauphin, Henry gathers his troops and prepares for a war that he hopes will unite his country. The campaign takes him deep into the heart of enemy territory, where, his numbers and supplies dwindling, Henry and his ragged band of brothers face impossible odds on the fields of Agincourt. The play is an action-packed war story that depicts the making of a legend.

Produced by Penfold Theatre Company
Round Rock Amphitheater — Round Rock, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Stage Manager Jennifer McAtee
  • Producers Ryan Crowder, Nathan Jerkins
  • Scenic Design Ia Enstera
  • Lighting Design Andrew McIntyre
  • Costume / Props Design Aaron Flynn
  • Sound Design Lowell Bartholomee
  • Fight Choreography  Toby Minor


  • Joseph Garlock as Henry
  • Amelia Turner as Montjoy / Katherine / Jamy / Scroop
  • Taylor Flanagan as Gloucester / Constable / Macmorris / King of France
  • Adam Miller-Batteau as Pistol / Exeter / Governor of Harfleur / Burgundy
  • Natalie Blackman as Quickly / Fluellen / Westmorland / Dauphin
  • Zac Carr as Cambridge / Boy / Orleans / Alice
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Henry V Press

“This production in the park makes Shakespeare’s epic, action-filled history into a satisfying show for a summer evening.”
-Austin Chronicle.”
         — Elizabeth Cobbe, Austin Chronicle

Experimental.” An adjective with the potential to elicit anxiety in even the most seasoned theatregoer. Yes, new work that toys with uncharted modes of storytelling can be a daunting prospect for those who more often seek tried-and-true classics for consumption. But fear not: Director/playwright Liz Fisher’s Deus Ex Machina provides a highly accessible experiment for anyone with the ability to send and receive text messages.

         — Adam Roberts, Austin Chronicle

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