By William Shakespeare

Finding himself under the sudden rule and patronage of his uncle Claudius, Prince Hamlet is confronted by the ghost of his recently murdered father, who tasks him with taking revenge. Struggling with the morality of his burden, Hamlet begins to play his part as a tragic hero, blundering through countless missteps that could ruin himself, his friends, and his kingdom. Shakespeare’s story of the destruction of the one who seeks to destroy involves intrigue, adventure, tragic romance… and even pirates.

Produced by Mary Baldwin University Shakespeare and Performance MLitt/ MFA Program
Blackfriars Playhouse — Staunton, Virginia


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher, Matt Davies, & Doreen Bechtol
  • Playwright William Shakespeare
  • Costume Design Jenny McNee, Rosemary Armato, & Emily Hurst
  • Sound and Music Design Jack DesBois, Jason Steffen, & Mallory McKendry 
  • Prop Design Jeff Miller & Milissia Koncelik
  • Fight Choreography  JP Scheidler


  • Abygail Merlino as Hamlet 1
  • Kelsie Blocker as Hamlet 2
  • Sarah Duttlinger as Hamlet 3
  • Jeff Miller as Claudius
  • Summer England as Gertrude
  • Jack DesBois as Polonius /. Priest
  • Jason Steffen as Laertes / Lucianus
  • Rosemary Armato as Ophelia
  • Spencer Mayo as Horatio
  • Emma Rose Kraus as Rosencrantz
  • Emily Hurst as Guildenstern / English Ambassador
  • Mallory McKendry as Ghost / Player / First Gravedigger
  • Karalyn Headley as Francisco / Player King / Osric
  • Nami Hirota as Player Queen / Sailor
  • Milissia Koncelik as Voltemand / Player / Second Gravedigger
  • Madison Little as Bernardo / Reynalda / Player / Captain
  • Nick Hopf as Marcellus / Player / Fortinbras