Music, Lyrics, and Text by Dave Malloy

Ghost Quartet is a happily haunted musical about love, death, and whisky. We listen in as four friends drink and spin yarns about two fairy tale sisters, a tree house astronomer and a lazy evil bear, a subway tragedy and the ghost of Thelonious Monk. As the evening winds on and glasses empty, we realize the narrative threads are interweaving into a centuries-long tale of encounters with the otherworldly. Ghost Quartet seductively pulls at our desire to believe in ghosts and subtly asks us why these stories continue to endure and multiply in the human imagination.

Composer Dave Malloy, Tony-nominated createor of the Broadway hit “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812″, draws inspiration from a number of spooky stories – Snow White and Rose Red, Edgar Allan Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher”, Arabian Nights and others – as well as a variety of musical styles, including gospel, folk ballads, honky-tonk anthems of heartbreak, electropop, doo-wop and jazz.

Produced by Penfold Theatre Company
Blue Genie Art Bazaar & The Driskill Hotel — Austin, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Lyricist / Playwright / Composer Dave Malloy
  • Music Director Austin Kimble
  • Musicians Austin Kimble, Megan Pritchett, Stephen Mansolo
  • Scenic Design / Tech Directors Patrick & Holly Crowley 
  • Lighting Design Megan Reilly
  • Costume Design Aaron Flynn
  • Sound Design Lowell Bartholomee


  • Megan Tabaque as Brittain
  • Sarah Marie Curry as Gelsey
  • Shane Satterfield as Dave
  • Nathan Daniel Ford as Brent
Click on image to watch video from Ghost Quartet