By Sarah Ruhl

When tragedy strikes on her wedding day, Eurydice is sent hurtling into the Underworld. In this surreal land of talking rocks and strange characters, Eurydice reunites with her dead father while her husband, Orpheus, plots to save Eurydice from the Land of the Dead. But Orpheus’ quest presents Eurydice with a tricky choice: What is home and how do you know where you belong? Sarah Ruhl reimagines this classic myth with its reconsiderations on love, loss and sacrifice. 

Produced by University of the Incarnate Word’s Department of Theatre Arts
Coates Theatre — San Antonio, Texas


Creative Team

  • Director Liz Fisher
  • Assistant Director Colbee Dickson
  • Stage Manager Brianna Cuellar
  • Scenic Design Christopher McCollum
  • Lighting Design Matt Scrogum
  • Costume Design Margaret Mitchell
  • Sound Design Jo Villanueva


  • Lilian Molina as Eurydice
  • Will Kirkpatrick as Orpheus
  • Gabriel Hill as Eurydice’s Father
  • Joseph Garza as Lord of the Underworld
  • Daniella Montes as Big Stone
  • KJ McCoy as Loud Stone
  • Lili Sanchez as Little Stone